TWITTER Author List for Established and Rising Young Adult Authors

You’re probably wondering why I did this. Well, I am going to be honest. I started looking for Twitter YA authors because I was looking for something to read. You can always do the regular thing and look at blogs and Amazon top ten lists, but then I thought, it might be fun to look for less well-known authors on Twitter- maybe find something I’ve never seen. So here it is. My list of YA authors. In case you’re wondering, the romance author section to follow is for my wife 🙂

**= authors I have personally read and love.

Collin Earl –

Start with me:) @CollinEarl – House of Grey – “Giant bridge, fancy private school, a boy who doesn’t remember – MAGIC lots of Magic” Link
Harmonics: Rise of the Magician – “An assassin, s weapons contractor, a high school girl collide with a science that makes you feel like  magic” Link


YOUNG ADULT – as my list gets bigger I will separate in other categories.

@markjeffrey ** – “A boy who doesn’t age and time that has totally stopped” Pocket and the Pendant – Link

@brianrathbone** – “She discovers that she has ancient powers…just in time to save the world” The Call of the Herald – Link




@SaysAnnaSilver – New Author her book comes out in 2012 OtherBorn



@young_author “Elves, Romance, Betrayal, Fate… Introducing fantasy novel”  EMPYREAL FATE Link

@araenvo “Something lives in the attack above Oli. Something that needs his stories to live’ Simon Clark Link












@PauletteJaxton ** – unique YA Fantasy – this is for those who are a bit older.

@fantasyauthor  – Link









@alhilton ** – Very nice light Ya Fantasy – But not all of her stuff apparently she has a dirty mind too:) Love you!



Ashley Barron (@dcpriya)


@Leannarenee – Gothic Paranormal Fantasy series set in 1880s New York City full of curses, adventure & dark magic Link

@LornaSuzuki – Things go from bad to worse when an unlikely trio is thrust together by fate to break a curse. The Magic Crystal Book Link

@md_christie– this is a new author book coming out next year.

@derekdonais – An elusive magic and a stricken kingdom must stand against a dark power’s rise. MetalMagic:Talisman Link



@spencerbrokaw – “Time-traveling CIA agent Zack Carter must stop the most ruthless villains from starting World War 3” Link

@Kittyb78 “17yrs old Kaitlin is about to discover secrets that may cost her life! Or her heart.” Dangerous Temptation Link


@StephanieKeyes “The world is about to be cloaked in darkness. Only one can stop the night.” The Star Child Link




@kaitlyn_deann “Witches, slavery, an illness. Will Sunny risk her life to make her new world better?” — THE WITCHES’ SLEEP Link

@FlashBackSeries “Reincarnation, confusing flashbacks, a ruthless murderer that will stop at nothing to see Isabelle dead.” Flash Back Series Link




@dryadquartet “Book one in a bestselling contemporary fantasy series that blends mythology with modern day” Breath of Air Link


























@scottsigler ** I personally recommend this author “Star Wars meets the Godfather meets Any Given Sunday – aliens, the mob and football” The Rookie Link

@GoblinWriter ** I personally recommend this author”An a plot against the king, an assassin who wants to help and a girl that never shuts up” The Emperor’s Edge Link

@ntaylor1981 ** I personally recommend this author “Dragon Elves and an evil empire…what more do you need?” Legon Awakening Link







@brenthartingerAuthor of gay and non-gay teen lit, with a movie version of Geography Club coming soon.” Link










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