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House of Grey Volume 7 Update and Nanowrimo

I am happy to announce that we are almost there. I am about 90% done with the draft and Chris is instantly going to go into the creative edits. This has been along time coming so I am very thankful for the patience. Actually that is part of the reason I am writing this so […]

Update for Chris and I – Harmonics, House of Grey and Daniel Knight

So we are pretty much epic failures this year – I have to give a big fat apology to all you fans. The last post was in May of 2013 and that is simply unacceptable. Allow me to tell you all what’s going on. First, some major changes are going on with my life. I […]

Just your everyday blog post

Collin and I have been feeling the pressure to finish up The House of Grey for some time now. And while that is well underway, I looked back and realized that we let this pressure get the best of us. The forum has been neglected and lately the blog only has updates on the next […]

40 dropping on, iTunes, Zune

Ok, so we heard from a lot of you about the episode not being on iTunes and made an executive decision. The Finale of The House of Grey will be an epic 3 episode experience starting with episode 40 which I loaded tonight for to release. Look for it sometime tomorrow on iTunes. Parts […]

updates on 40, The Dreamer's Thread, short story anthology…

So 40 is being honed as I type. Collin is wrapping up the story, crossing his I’s and dotting his T’s…or something like that. We’ll both be off at the end of the week so I can put the thumb screws to him and hopefully have this out too y’all very soon. Our wonderfully talented […]

real jobs=FAIL

Seriously, who thought up this real job thing anyway? Can’t we all just be independently wealthy? I guess if that happened, who would shovel the snow off the sidewalk, right? So here’s the deal…this thing called a real job kicked into high gear this last 3 weeks or so. Prior to that Collin was playing […]

The House of Grey- Parsec Award Finalist

Yep…it’s official. The House of Grey is up for the Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team award.  If fact, many of our fellow authors made the short list.  So Collin and I will be visiting the greater Atlanta area over Labor Day weekend at Dragon*Con. If any of our fans hail from there, give us […]

Top 5, Parsec Awards, episode 35

So the results are in. We took the emails, the comments, the replies, and the posts and these top 5 shook out.  So kick back and enjoy a walk down memory lane. Speaking of the Parsec Awards, I sent off the nostalgic compilation to the committee. What can you do now? Well, send out good […]

The House of Grey Nominated for the Parsec Awards

That’s right, the modern fantasy thriller you have all come to love is in the running for the Parsec Awards. We’ve actually been nominated for quite a lot of categories including: Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novella Form) Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novel Form) Best Audio Drama (Long Form including Independents) Best Writing-related Podcast AND Best […]

Updates…ya that was original

Episode 33…on its way to being finalized. Should be on schedule for later this week (mid week if all goes well… but since I am here in Cincinnati and my luggage is somewhere in Chicago… who knows what the week holds) Strange Condition– Playing at Herman’s Hideaway June 6th and the Westword Music Showcase (great […]

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