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Take the House of Grey Quiz Ms. Hilary Style- The Valley Vikings High School

How sweet is that tag line? You know you love it.  Background; as many of you know, my editor, Ms. Hilary, is using The House of Grey in her 11th grade english class down in Las Vegas. You may have noticed them jumping in on the forum here in the last few weeks.  I actually […]

Episode 10: Arthurious’s feat

The three boys attend the private football tryout. Arthurious shows off his mad football skills. Monson finds himself getting to know the elusive Cyann Harrison.

Episode 09: Combat

Casey duels with an interesting character. Brian offers some advice to Casey and Arthurious on their girl problems. A devastating discovery crushes Casey.

Episode 06: Trying to look cool?

Monson and the school’s football coach have a heart to heart about Monson’s responsibilities to the team, his course schedule, and his obligations as the school’s Horum Vir. Seeing an opening to help his newfound friends, Monson strikes a risky deal with the coach. The plot thickens as Monson comes face to face with Derek […]

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