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5 years in the making

As unbeliveable as it sounds, it has been 5 years since I started working on The House of Grey. But now 5 years later, you can grab the first Volume of this epic series in print. Same great characters, same amazing story, killer new cover art, all now in print. Smashwords has it here for […]

Alternate Ending Contest.

As you well know; we’ve been running the Alternate Ending Contest of the House of Grey for the past few months. Well now its the time to vote. So here who is in the running. Name: Johnathan Where you call home: San Dimas Why you love The House of Grey enough to write an alternate […]

Secret Ninja Project Revealed!!!

During the Q&A for The House of Grey, Collin and Chris unveiled the Secret Ninja Project, aka Harmonics. Check out the archive of the Q&A to find out all the details. Blog Talk Radio: The House of Grey Q&A with Collin Earl and Chris Snelgrove

Q and A postponed! Chris's new bundle of Joy!

So I know that we were supposed to have our Q and A today but something rather important came up…chris’s wife had a baby!!! YEAH FOR CHRIS!! That makes the lucky number four!! Crazy. In the light of that news we are going to push the Q and A off for a week!! Send Chris […]

House of Grey Q & A. Chat with Collin and Chris!!

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers…. Ok I’ve always wanted to say that in a real setting, but I’m done now. We’ve been talking about it for months now. The Q & A session with Collin Earl and Chris Snelgrove will be happening on Saturday, March 20th on Blog Talk radio at 1:00 p.m Mountain […]

Alternate Ending Contest

So I was talking to a fan the other day online that brought up something interesting. “Collin,” he said. “Why don’t you write some alternative endings to The House of Grey? It could be really fun to see what other endings you had in your head.”  I thought about that but to be honest, I […]

Just your everyday blog post

Collin and I have been feeling the pressure to finish up The House of Grey for some time now. And while that is well underway, I looked back and realized that we let this pressure get the best of us. The forum has been neglected and lately the blog only has updates on the next […]

real jobs=FAIL

Seriously, who thought up this real job thing anyway? Can’t we all just be independently wealthy? I guess if that happened, who would shovel the snow off the sidewalk, right? So here’s the deal…this thing called a real job kicked into high gear this last 3 weeks or so. Prior to that Collin was playing […]

39 is on the way.

I have been seeing increased traffic on the website so I wanted to let everyone know when the new chapter was going to be out. We are looking at sometime towards the end of the week. Chris got slammed at work so it was pushed back from early this week. I know that it is frustrating […]

Did you miss it?

For those of you who missed Collin’s interview as a guest on Conversations LIVE, here’s a link so you can listen to the archive.  Collin Earl on Conversations LIVE! Cyrus Webb, the host of Coversations LIVE!, has a radio and television show, an internationally recognized book club, an a bi-monthly arts and entertainment magazine.  Collin’s […]

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