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Updates…ya that was original

Episode 33…on its way to being finalized. Should be on schedule for later this week (mid week if all goes well… but since I am here in Cincinnati and my luggage is somewhere in Chicago… who knows what the week holds) Strange Condition– Playing at Herman’s Hideaway June 6th and the Westword Music Showcase (great […]

70,000 downloads, Strange Condition, Podiobooks 2.0, updates

That’s right, just 1 short month later and we are past 70,000 downloads. In fact, April has surpassed March with the most downloads in a month!  It is seriously mind boggling for Collin and I to think about 10k downloads in one month. And it’s all because of our incredible fans! Make sure to tell […]

Episode 30- The Mint Tree

After a night of fitful sleep, Monson, Casey, and Arthurious head over to the GM for a morning workout, only to stumble upon an unexpected couple. Later, outside in the Inner Gardens, Monson begins to contemplate all that has happened to him and finds himself trapped in his own dream. Finally awakened by his friends, […]

Episode 28 update again! STRANGE CONDITION The ending of The House Of Grey Book One. The Chris and Collin Show (Collin and Chris??)

Hey there boys and girls. I wanted to throw up one more update to let you know that Episode 28 should be up late tonight. The chapter was run through the pre-release team and there was some problems that had to be corrected before it could be released. We are happy to let you know […]

Update on 28, Strange Condition, Press Release

So episode 28 is so close to being ready for release…again another 2 weeks worth of content poured into 1 episode!! Should be here by the end of the week. Collin and I are invited to a jam session with Strange Condition on Thursday. We are going to check out their tunes and finalize the […]

Update on 27, laying out the rest of the book, short story contest, Strange Condition & TOB

So if you’ve been in the Forum lately, you would have seen my comments that Collin and I sat down and laid out the rest of the book. You also would have seen that there is so much story to put out that…we will be forced to give you double chapters until the end of […]

Strange Condition at the Marquis Theatre in Denver

To any of our local Denver fans, Strange Condition, the band that we are working with for music on the Tournament of Blades podcast, is playing on Friday February 20th at the Marquis Theatre with The Epilogues (another group of some of our close friends). For those of you who aren’t local to the Denver […]

New Board at the Forum. SPOILERS SPECULATION AND THEORIES. REMINDER: Short Story Contest.

Hey there fans. I’m just writing this little blog post to remind you of the great forum we have here. After several emails regarding the subject, I finally put up a theories, speculation and spoilers, yes I said, spoilers section. So get your butt there, sign up and comment. I would like to thank Simpleone and Warriorrest for their […]

Publishing The House Of Grey: Traditional or Do it yourself? The New Year (Today is my second daughter first birthday!) Oh and check out this band they are freaking sweet.

I’m throwing up this post to cover a lot of topics. I would love your feed back. I don’t care if you don’t know anything about the topic. If you have something to say we want to hear from you. Lets get to it. 

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