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Just your everyday blog post

Collin and I have been feeling the pressure to finish up The House of Grey for some time now. And while that is well underway, I looked back and realized that we let this pressure get the best of us. The forum has been neglected and lately the blog only has updates on the next […]

updates on 40, The Dreamer's Thread, short story anthology…

So 40 is being honed as I type. Collin is wrapping up the story, crossing his I’s and dotting his T’s…or something like that. We’ll both be off at the end of the week so I can put the thumb screws to him and hopefully have this out too y’all very soon. Our wonderfully talented […]

The House of Grey- Parsec Award Finalist

Yep…it’s official. The House of Grey is up for the Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team award.  If fact, many of our fellow authors made the short list.  So Collin and I will be visiting the greater Atlanta area over Labor Day weekend at Dragon*Con. If any of our fans hail from there, give us […]

Forum chat, End of book Q&A, short story ideas

I was rifling through a bunch of stuff late last week and came across a to-do that had seen better days. I wiped off the Diet Pepsi and Cheetos residue and saw that way back when, Collin asked me to integrate a shoutbox into the blog (Drop us a line over there to the right) […]

Update on 27, laying out the rest of the book, short story contest, Strange Condition & TOB

So if you’ve been in the Forum lately, you would have seen my comments that Collin and I sat down and laid out the rest of the book. You also would have seen that there is so much story to put out that…we will be forced to give you double chapters until the end of […]

50,000 downloads!!!, short story contest, and updates

Wow, what a great milestone.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us reach 50,000 downloads!  Seriously, all of you ROCK!  Also, we are rapidly approaching the deadline for submissions on the Short Story Contest. If you are still working on something, finish it up and send it to us (  This will be a […]

Welcome Home Chris!!! Short Story Reminder

Chris is back from India!!!! YEAH!!! Now that is exciting. This is good on a variety of fronts and to celebrate we are going to do a double release for you all. (Probably 24 and 25). It was Chris’s idea so you should all show him some love. Again welcome back Chris, we missed you!  […]

New Board at the Forum. SPOILERS SPECULATION AND THEORIES. REMINDER: Short Story Contest.

Hey there fans. I’m just writing this little blog post to remind you of the great forum we have here. After several emails regarding the subject, I finally put up a theories, speculation and spoilers, yes I said, spoilers section. So get your butt there, sign up and comment. I would like to thank Simpleone and Warriorrest for their […]

Do you like Chris's Sultry voice? Short Story Contest!!!!

Neither do I, but he’s the best I could find. Just Kidding!!! I love you Chris.  Anyway, if you like Chris’s voice and you write short stories then this little contest is for you. During the two months where I’m going to be studying for the bar (meaning not writing anything!!!) Chris is going to […]

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