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Episode 36: The Man Behind the Mask

Monson wakes up to an unexpected guest in his bed. As he explains the details of the previous night to Cyann, they both realize that something is wrong. Searching for their friends, the two narrowly escape BIG trouble only to find themselves outnumbered once again. As their search continues, Monson is struck with a devastating […]

Episode 11: The Ja-no

School-wide tryouts for the Legion occur. Arthurious and Casey introduce Monson to the fighting style, Ja-no and the basics of its first form, the Two-Step. The three discover that Cyann will be facing her most difficult opponent yet.

Episode 08: Anger issues

Monson meets the rather strange Coach Hawke. He gets a taste of danger and receives a practical lesson in martial arts. Casey shows Monson’s one of the interesting uses of the mystical power known as chakra.

Episode 04: Poetic Nightmares

Monson finally arrives at his apartment and meets his new butler, Brian. The room holds some interesting secrets, ones that should probably remain secret. As Monson rests from the day’s busy schedule, a frightening dream disturbs his slumber.

Episode 03: A Dean, a Diva, and a Diamond

After orientation, Monson makes a first impression on two of the most prominent students in his class. With his new friends Casey and Arthurious, they get to know Mr. Gatt who teaches history at the school. When saying their goodbyes, Molly gives Monson an extraordinary gift.

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