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The House of Grey Quiz 4 Ms. Hilary Style!

Its about that time again! You ready to take the next quiz! Remember to tell your friends about The House of Grey. If you don’t, little people will visit you in the night. And let’s face it, you really don’t want that!!!!

The House of Grey Quiz Two Ms. Hilary Style!!! New Board on the Forum. FAN ART

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a brand spanking new board on the forum. It’s a fan art board and it’s really sweet. Skalee, so far, is the only one to have posted. She has some great talent. I’m super jealous.  I also want to see what you got. If I […]

Take the House of Grey Quiz Ms. Hilary Style- The Valley Vikings High School

How sweet is that tag line? You know you love it.  Background; as many of you know, my editor, Ms. Hilary, is using The House of Grey in her 11th grade english class down in Las Vegas. You may have noticed them jumping in on the forum here in the last few weeks.  I actually […]

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