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Another update on the last episode

Just got off the phone with Collin. Despite his recent diagnosis of strep throat (hence why I was on the phone and not talking to him in person…it would be really bad if the voice talent lost his voice), he reports that he is about 75-80% done with the last chapter. Doing the math on […]

Forum chat, End of book Q&A, short story ideas

I was rifling through a bunch of stuff late last week and came across a to-do that had seen better days. I wiped off the Diet Pepsi and Cheetos residue and saw that way back when, Collin asked me to integrate a shoutbox into the blog (Drop us a line over there to the right) […]

Update on 26 and reminder about the Q&A

Episode 26 is in the mix and should drop later today or at the latest, tomorrow first thing.  It is a killer episode with over one and a half hours of content.  For anyone that isn’t caught up, quit slackin’ ! ;)  Also, I was over in the Forum grinning from ear to ear at some of […]

You got QUESTIONS? We've got ANSWERS! REMINDER: Shameless promotion

Ok so I know that was a lame tag line (shut up I love it!), but it’s true and it’s perfectly within the topic I am about to discuss. So here is the deal, we are going to do an episode at the END of the book that includes an interview of both Chris and […]

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