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Interview with the stars…

Well I guess that’s if you consider Collin, Arlene Radasky  (author of The Fox), Chris Miller (co-founder of, and myself stars. The four of us have been invited to discuss podcasting and how is can change the face of education with the hosts of Most of our fans know our deep involvement with Ms. […]

Free stuff is better!!! Coldplay said so…

From day one, Collin and I have been saying that giving stuff away for free is the new way to do things. Get the content to the masses and let them eat cake… or in this case consume great audio. Well, the world renown band Coldplay agrees with us. Right now you can get their […]

House Of Grey Quiz 3 Ms. Hilary style! The Podcast in the Classroom Project

Take the Podcast in the Classroom Project Quiz. This is the quiz that Ms. Hilary used for her students this morning!! Let’s see how you do!!!   The House of Grey                                                  Name_______________________Per_____ Quiz #3 Episodes 18-24   1. The “Artificial Inland Project” or “AIP” was the brainchild of which character?  

Episode 29 delayed on

Hey all, I checked my horoscope in the Weekly World News and sure enough, something about Saturn being in the 4th house of Neptune’s orbit as Venus completes her something-or-other. Anyway what that equates to is that I’m having issues getting 29 to load correctly to and I’m working hard with Evo to get it […]

Press Release- Podcast Novel helps students learn English

Hey everybody, wanted to share the press release I sent out this morning about Collin’s trip to Valley HS to visit Hilary and her class.  You should see the story pop up in Google and Yahoo news, on, and  Here’s a direct link to download the pdf.  Enjoy! Las Vegas, NV  March 19 […]

Update on 28, Strange Condition, Press Release

So episode 28 is so close to being ready for release…again another 2 weeks worth of content poured into 1 episode!! Should be here by the end of the week. Collin and I are invited to a jam session with Strange Condition on Thursday. We are going to check out their tunes and finalize the […]

The House of Grey on Heroescast…

Joe and Miranda have a sweet cast all about Heroes, the hit series on NBC. This morning, Episode 92 dropped on their site and featured our promo. We could not be happier that the word is spreading about our little project.  So head on over to iTunes and get your Heroes fix and while you’re […]

the house of grey is up on facebook!

I added the facebook badge to the blog which links to our page on facebook.  I just created it (and one for Collin as a writer that is still in the works),and it’s pretty sad with me as the only fan.  When you get a chance, click on the badge and become a fan.  I […]

More stuff from TIME magazine

Here’s another article that promotes podcast novels, the champions of our novel format Sigler, Hutchins, and Lafferty, and  Check it out and let us know what you think. Podcasting your novel

Changing the publishing industry, one fan at a time…

So here is an incredible article from TIME that really hits home for Collin and I.  This is what we are trying to do with our fans’ help. We can’t thank you enough for all the comments, forum posts, and emails. Keep ’em coming. Remember to tell a friend, coworker, family member, stranger on the […]

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