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Episode 24: Taris freakin’ Green…again & The Phantom of the Coliseum

Monson catches a rare glimpse of the real Taris Green. At the school-wide assembly, Molly’s mystery man is finally unveiled. Back at the cafeteria, Monson is given a non-descript white envelope from one of the most influential men on the planet.

Episode 23- Lookin' good, Ms. Blake…

Monson continues to try to put the information he has learned to good use and as a result seems to be distracted. As the school resumes its normal schedule of classes, Monson is caught in a sticky situation. As the students gather for a special assembly, Monson is greeted by a familiar voice.  

Episode 07: Nothing is what it seems

Classes start for Monson, Arthurious, and Casey. They meet their teachers, one of which has a unique way of getting to know her students. A beautiful song and fateful encounter leads Monson into his strangest class that day.

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