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Updates The Great Karnak style

Answer: US, Canada, UK, Germany, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Israel, Norway, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Ireland, Luxembourg, Tanzania, Japan, somewhere in the Offices of the EU, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Spain, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Thailand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Angola, Morocco, Switzerland, India, Singapore, Serbia, Montenegro, France, Egypt, Finland, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Argentina, Algeria, Oman, Italy, […]

100,000 DOWNLOADS!!!! iTunes, and updates on Episode 36

That’s right girls and boys! The House of Grey just hit 100K!! While this is small compared to some and large compared to others, Collin and I are pleased as punch at how our fans have made this book so successful. Check back for how Collin and I are going to show our appreciation for […]

60,000 down…millions to go, Episode 29,

That’s right, only after 6 short months we’ve hit over 60,000 downloads of The House of Grey. And it is all thanks to you guys. Everyone raise their right hand way above your head, bend at the elbow, and give yourself a nice pat on the back.  Doesn’t that feel good? Episode 29 is in the […]

Welcome Home Chris!!! Short Story Reminder

Chris is back from India!!!! YEAH!!! Now that is exciting. This is good on a variety of fronts and to celebrate we are going to do a double release for you all. (Probably 24 and 25). It was Chris’s idea so you should all show him some love. Again welcome back Chris, we missed you!  […]

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