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Take the House of Grey Quiz Ms. Hilary Style- The Valley Vikings High School

How sweet is that tag line? You know you love it.  Background; as many of you know, my editor, Ms. Hilary, is using The House of Grey in her 11th grade english class down in Las Vegas. You may have noticed them jumping in on the forum here in the last few weeks.  I actually […]

Episode 26: The 40 Billion Dollar Question & The Monkey Suit

Monson meets with Christopher Baroty and is interrupted by a surprise guest. As Monson’s evening comes to an end, an unexpected visitor shows up.  Later, Monson and his friends discover the nominees for the Spring Solstice and Monson is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Episode 22: Ghosts in the machine

After coming to a decision, Monson makes an effort to protect his friends from himself. As the lockdown on campus continues, Monson and his friends find themselves the hosts of a movie marathon with Idigo and her friends. Monson draws a life changing parallel as Casey explains the nuances of the plot of one of […]

Episode 20: Equilibrium

Back at Monson’s apartment, Casey, Arthurious, Molly, and Monson discuss the attack on The Diamond. After a movie marathon, Monson retreats behind The Barracks to practice some fencing and is visited by a familiar individual. As a dangerous figure appears, Monson is forced to take action. Stick around after the episode for a promo of […]

Episode 16: Damion “The Diamond” Peterson

Monson finds himself in the weight room talking with Damion Peterson. Damion fills Monson in on their past friendship. A strange turn of events leaves Monson wondering what is real and what is only in his mind.

Episode 13: The little black book

Derek is up to his old tricks again. The three boys find themselves spectators of a heated domestic dispute. Resolution of the intense confrontation comes from an unexpected individual and in a most peculiar way.

Episode 07: Nothing is what it seems

Classes start for Monson, Arthurious, and Casey. They meet their teachers, one of which has a unique way of getting to know her students. A beautiful song and fateful encounter leads Monson into his strangest class that day.

Episode 06: Trying to look cool?

Monson and the school’s football coach have a heart to heart about Monson’s responsibilities to the team, his course schedule, and his obligations as the school’s Horum Vir. Seeing an opening to help his newfound friends, Monson strikes a risky deal with the coach. The plot thickens as Monson comes face to face with Derek […]

Episode 05: “Taris freakin’ Green”

Monson suddenly finds himself talking to Taris Green, the school’s resident pop idol. Later, Monson feels drawn to Mr. Gatt’s history class, and plans to add it to his course schedule. On the way to finalize their schedules, Casey finds himself in a precarious situation with a childhood friend.

Episode 04: Poetic Nightmares

Monson finally arrives at his apartment and meets his new butler, Brian. The room holds some interesting secrets, ones that should probably remain secret. As Monson rests from the day’s busy schedule, a frightening dream disturbs his slumber.

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