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Update for Chris and I – Harmonics, House of Grey and Daniel Knight

So we are pretty much epic failures this year – I have to give a big fat apology to all you fans. The last post was in May of 2013 and that is simply unacceptable. Allow me to tell you all what’s going on. First, some major changes are going on with my life. I […]

The First Arc of the House of Grey Complete – NewsLetter Give-A-Way

So this is quite the occasion for Chris and I…the final volume of The House of Grey is in edits as we speak.  The editor is finishing up edits and the cover art is already complete. The book should be back to Chris and I by the 27th of November and an omnibus version of […]

Episode 14- Big Sister

As the Professor settles into his first month at MESA, Warrick delivers his update to the board on their efforts to prep the Interface lab. Behind the camera, Big Sister sits and spies.

Episode 13- MESA Labs

The Professor meets Kingston at MESA Labs for his first day on the job. He is introduced to various members of the MESA staff and his new Harmonics lab, complete with a full staff and resources beyond his imagination.

Episode 12- Adam and Evening

Sam and Cammie spend some quality time over dinner with Adam and his friend. After they leave, a dangerous encouter leaves Sam and Cammie with no exit.

Harmonics in print! Get a signed copy!

So you want a copy of Harmonics: Rise of the Magician?  Want a personalized message from Collin and Chris so you can show all your friends?  Well, good thing you can order one right here. Just click the link below and we’ll ship it right to your door (2-3 weeks).  HURRY THOUGH!!! After April 15th […]

Episode 11: Have Credits, Will Shop

As Sam shops for her graduation dress, Cammie schemes how to put a monkey wrench in Coda’s new relationship. Upon seeing Adam, Cammie hatches a plan to get he and Sam closer. Sam puts the brakes on the plan as her little inner voice tells her something is not right.

Episode 10- Black Magic

A mysterious beggar, an incarcerated relic hunter, and the man in black is back.

Harmonics Eps 09

Harmonics Eps 8: Boom Goes the Methanol

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