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Episode 36: The Man Behind the Mask

Monson wakes up to an unexpected guest in his bed. As he explains the details of the previous night to Cyann, they both realize that something is wrong. Searching for their friends, the two narrowly escape BIG trouble only to find themselves outnumbered once again. As their search continues, Monson is struck with a devastating […]

Episode 21: …so are the Days of Our Lives

Once again, Monson is in the midst of Cyann Harrison. She helps him back to his apartment where she meets Brain and Molly. As she leaves, Monson’s friends pressure him to reveal his feelings for Cyann.

Episode 20: Equilibrium

Back at Monson’s apartment, Casey, Arthurious, Molly, and Monson discuss the attack on The Diamond. After a movie marathon, Monson retreats behind The Barracks to practice some fencing and is visited by a familiar individual. As a dangerous figure appears, Monson is forced to take action. Stick around after the episode for a promo of […]

Episode 13: The little black book

Derek is up to his old tricks again. The three boys find themselves spectators of a heated domestic dispute. Resolution of the intense confrontation comes from an unexpected individual and in a most peculiar way.

Episode 12: A beautiful woman with talent

Cyann and The Diamond prepare for their duel. Before the fight starts, Monson again finds himself talking with Cyann and wondering about the mystery that seems to constantly surround her. At the conclusion of the match, the three boys make an astonishing discovery.

Episode 11: The Ja-no

School-wide tryouts for the Legion occur. Arthurious and Casey introduce Monson to the fighting style, Ja-no and the basics of its first form, the Two-Step. The three discover that Cyann will be facing her most difficult opponent yet.

Episode 09: Combat

Casey duels with an interesting character. Brian offers some advice to Casey and Arthurious on their girl problems. A devastating discovery crushes Casey.

Episode 08: Anger issues

Monson meets the rather strange Coach Hawke. He gets a taste of danger and receives a practical lesson in martial arts. Casey shows Monson’s one of the interesting uses of the mystical power known as chakra.

Episode 02: Coren University

Monson Grey arrives at Coren University, one of the most prestigious private high schools in the U.S. He discovers that his scholarship, the school, and this business about a Horem Vir are not all they are cracked up to be. He is anxious about how the school and its students will react to his appearance.

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