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40 dropping on, iTunes, Zune

Ok, so we heard from a lot of you about the episode not being on iTunes and made an executive decision. The Finale of The House of Grey will be an epic 3 episode experience starting with episode 40 which I loaded tonight for to release. Look for it sometime tomorrow on iTunes. Parts […]

A peace offering to the fans

40 is huge. Like, the longest episode we will have ever released. I have the first hour or so of the episode ready to record. So here’s the plan…Collin is finishing up the chapter, but as I said I have the first hour of script ready to lay down. I’ll get that done today, and […]

updates on 40, The Dreamer's Thread, short story anthology…

So 40 is being honed as I type. Collin is wrapping up the story, crossing his I’s and dotting his T’s…or something like that. We’ll both be off at the end of the week so I can put the thumb screws to him and hopefully have this out too y’all very soon. Our wonderfully talented […]

real jobs=FAIL

Seriously, who thought up this real job thing anyway? Can’t we all just be independently wealthy? I guess if that happened, who would shovel the snow off the sidewalk, right? So here’s the deal…this thing called a real job kicked into high gear this last 3 weeks or so. Prior to that Collin was playing […]

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