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real jobs=FAIL

Seriously, who thought up this real job thing anyway? Can’t we all just be independently wealthy? I guess if that happened, who would shovel the snow off the sidewalk, right? So here’s the deal…this thing called a real job kicked into high gear this last 3 weeks or so. Prior to that Collin was playing […]

39 is on the way.

I have been seeing increased traffic on the website so I wanted to let everyone know when the new chapter was going to be out. We are looking at sometime towards the end of the week. Chris got slammed at work so it was pushed back from early this week. I know that it is frustrating […]

Interview tomorrow!!! Episode 39 update. Segments. (The Collin and Chris Show)

Just got confirmation that I will be appearing on  Oct. 5, 2009: This Week On Conversations LIVE! Radio @ 7pm CDT (5pm PDT/6pm MDT/8pm EDT). So if you want to hear my lovly tones come and listen. C.A. Webb is a super nice guy so I’m super excited about this. To listen live, the number […]

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