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The House of Grey- Parsec Award Finalist

Yep…it’s official. The House of Grey is up for the Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team award.  If fact, many of our fellow authors made the short list.  So Collin and I will be visiting the greater Atlanta area over Labor Day weekend at Dragon*Con. If any of our fans hail from there, give us […]

100,000 DOWNLOADS!!!! iTunes, and updates on Episode 36

That’s right girls and boys! The House of Grey just hit 100K!! While this is small compared to some and large compared to others, Collin and I are pleased as punch at how our fans have made this book so successful. Check back for how Collin and I are going to show our appreciation for […]

90K, Episode 35, reminder on the Parsec Awards

Great gobs of downloaded deliciousness Batman! 90,000 downloads and still ticking away to that 100K mark! Our fans ROCK! In fact June has already surpassed any month before it in total downloads!  Thanks for making The House of Grey such a success! Episode 35 is so jam packed with absolutely craziness that Collin wanted to […]

Updates…ya that was original

Episode 33…on its way to being finalized. Should be on schedule for later this week (mid week if all goes well… but since I am here in Cincinnati and my luggage is somewhere in Chicago… who knows what the week holds) Strange Condition– Playing at Herman’s Hideaway June 6th and the Westword Music Showcase (great […]

70,000 downloads, Strange Condition, Podiobooks 2.0, updates

That’s right, just 1 short month later and we are past 70,000 downloads. In fact, April has surpassed March with the most downloads in a month!  It is seriously mind boggling for Collin and I to think about 10k downloads in one month. And it’s all because of our incredible fans! Make sure to tell […]

60,000 down…millions to go, Episode 29,

That’s right, only after 6 short months we’ve hit over 60,000 downloads of The House of Grey. And it is all thanks to you guys. Everyone raise their right hand way above your head, bend at the elbow, and give yourself a nice pat on the back.  Doesn’t that feel good? Episode 29 is in the […]

NEWS!!!! Downloads, Tournament of Blades, Forum Discussion and so much more.

I have several things to talk about so I am going to make ONE big post instead of several. So read on all the way through. I don’t think you will be disappointed.  The title is pretty self explanatory. We just hit the 20,000 download mark for The House of Grey through podiobooks. (That is […]

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