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Episode 31: Sage & Paparazzi

Kylie reveals why she came to Coren University. The group discovers some insight on the history of Coren Valley. The day of the Spring Solstice, Monson’s nerves get the best of him. As the night of the dance approaches, Monson is met with glitz, glamour, flash bulbs, and runs into a sticky situation, literally.

Episode 26: The 40 Billion Dollar Question & The Monkey Suit

Monson meets with Christopher Baroty and is interrupted by a surprise guest. As Monson’s evening comes to an end, an unexpected visitor shows up.  Later, Monson and his friends discover the nominees for the Spring Solstice and Monson is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Episode 03: A Dean, a Diva, and a Diamond

After orientation, Monson makes a first impression on two of the most prominent students in his class. With his new friends Casey and Arthurious, they get to know Mr. Gatt who teaches history at the school. When saying their goodbyes, Molly gives Monson an extraordinary gift.

Episode 02: Coren University

Monson Grey arrives at Coren University, one of the most prestigious private high schools in the U.S. He discovers that his scholarship, the school, and this business about a Horem Vir are not all they are cracked up to be. He is anxious about how the school and its students will react to his appearance.

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