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Podcast In The Classroom Videos; Collin and Chris Talk With The Students!

Finally! I know its been forever, but here is the proof. We did go to Vegas and we did participate in the Podcast in the Classroom Project. Chris and I are very thankful for this chance and for the project. We are actually thinking about expanding; maybe start up something here in Denver or some […]

Take the House of Grey Quiz Ms. Hilary Style- The Valley Vikings High School

How sweet is that tag line? You know you love it.  Background; as many of you know, my editor, Ms. Hilary, is using The House of Grey in her 11th grade english class down in Las Vegas. You may have noticed them jumping in on the forum here in the last few weeks.  I actually […]

Characters Names

Have you ever tried writing a book? If you have you probably know that creating names is probably one of the toughest things to do. You wouldn’t believe how many names I went through with different characters before settling on the ones that I picked. I think as the story goes on and you pick […]

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