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Bootleg of 32- first half

Shhhh…. don’t tell Collin…

Bootleg of Episode 31

So the wife kicked butt and took names and graduated with her BA. I’m with the whole fam ready and excited to …ahem, enjoy the graduation festivities. So with that in mind, we couldn’t leave you guys hanging. Since Collin is up to his eyeballs in motions, counter-motions, intellectual property rights, law reviews, and other […]

Bootleg of Episode 23

Ok, all you guys owe me big time. I told Collin that if he didn’t let me release the bootleg of 23, I would call down the wrath of Kali Indian style and he’d be totally screwed (like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom screwed). I guess it worked because he’s letting me post […]

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