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Harmonics Eps 8: Boom Goes the Methanol

Harmonics Episode 7: Everyone in the Pool

Who is the Magician?

Harmonics Episode 6

Houdini’s Failed Escape!

Harmoincs Cover Art

The moment you’ve all be waiting for!! Here is the cover art for Harmonics!! Yeah how sick is this. If you love it let us know!

Harmonics Video Trailer

So iLife ’11 is pretty sick. Not gonna lie. In fact it’s so sick, I threw together a little video trailer for Harmonics. Check it out on YouTube. [youtube][/youtube] Aside from that, we got the cover art in- which also looks sick! I need to add the book title and we should be ready to […]

Harmonics Episode 4

Lady in the Lake

Harmonics Episode 3

The Project

Harmonics Episode 2 and Harmonics Trailer

Next installment in the world’s first audio manga. In this episode, meet Vice-Chairman Reed. A nice Southern gentleman with perhaps a small comprising vice. What do the wages of his subterfuge and espionage buy him. Let’s just say he likes his scotch on the rocks…ice cold on the rocks. Also, as we are piecing together the audiobook version of Harmonics, we […]

Harmonics Season One: Rise of The Magician

Here it is. The world’s first audio manga (trust us, we checked). What’s an audio manga you say? Well a manga (literally whimsical pictures) is the Japanese style of story telling through graphic novels. Anime is the animation of those stories. Audio manga therefore is the pioneering production of telling Japanesesque stories through audio instead […]

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