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Episode 27: The Three Amigos & Cold as Ice

Monson is forced to deal with the aftermath of his choice to take Taris to the Spring Solstice. Another strange dream sheds light on his search for answers. The next morning, after missing his date with Taris, Monson loses his temper in The Atrium. As Monson finds out that someone may have witnessed the results […]

Episode 21: …so are the Days of Our Lives

Once again, Monson is in the midst of Cyann Harrison. She helps him back to his apartment where she meets Brain and Molly. As she leaves, Monson’s friends pressure him to reveal his feelings for Cyann.

Episode 14: The heartache of Cashious Kay

Arthurious and Monson try to help Kylie. Casey’s temper flares as he faces his former childhood friend. Back at Monson’s pad, as Arthurious fills Monson in on Casey and Kylie’s past an unexpected visitor greets Monson at his door.

Episode 10: Arthurious’s feat

The three boys attend the private football tryout. Arthurious shows off his mad football skills. Monson finds himself getting to know the elusive Cyann Harrison.

Episode 08: Anger issues

Monson meets the rather strange Coach Hawke. He gets a taste of danger and receives a practical lesson in martial arts. Casey shows Monson’s one of the interesting uses of the mystical power known as chakra.

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