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Harmonics Episode 5: The Lion and The Lamb

Come and get it!

Harmonics Episode 4

Lady in the Lake

Harmonics Episode 3

The Project

Harmonics Episode 2 and Harmonics Trailer

Next installment in the world’s first audio manga. In this episode, meet Vice-Chairman Reed. A nice Southern gentleman with perhaps a small comprising vice. What do the wages of his subterfuge and espionage buy him. Let’s just say he likes his scotch on the rocks…ice cold on the rocks. Also, as we are piecing together the audiobook version of Harmonics, we […]

Harmonics Season One: Rise of The Magician

Here it is. The world’s first audio manga (trust us, we checked). What’s an audio manga you say? Well a manga (literally whimsical pictures) is the Japanese style of story telling through graphic novels. Anime is the animation of those stories. Audio manga therefore is the pioneering production of telling Japanesesque stories through audio instead […]

Harmonics – Rise of the Magician Chapter 1, Season 1 For your reading pleasure….

Chris and I were so excited about this project we thought we would give you all a little taste. ENJOY!

Episode 42: The Ultimate Question

As Monson discovers who has been behind the battle, Baroty Bridge, and the death of his Grandfather, The Heart of the Midday Darkness continues to rampage Coren. Fearing that his friends will be killed, Monson goes head to head with Gibson only to find himself facing two monsters. As he watches a friend fall, Monson […]

Episode 41: The Heart of the Midday Darkness

As Monson accepts his fate to be sacrificed, his friend’s have other ideas for his future. After a battle with Baroty’s reinforcements, Monson tries one last time to get answers from Baroty. As Monson’s hope for answers dies, a new threat is born.

Episode 40a: The Truth at Baroty Bridge

Monson battles Damion to save Cyann. As Monson expected, Baroty continues to use the people of Coren Valley to further his diabolical plans. A final confrontation with Baroty has Monson questioning who he is and what his fate will be.

A peace offering to the fans

40 is huge. Like, the longest episode we will have ever released. I have the first hour or so of the episode ready to record. So here’s the plan…Collin is finishing up the chapter, but as I said I have the first hour of script ready to lay down. I’ll get that done today, and […]

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