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Update on 26 and reminder about the Q&A

Episode 26 is in the mix and should drop later today or at the latest, tomorrow first thing.  It is a killer episode with over one and a half hours of content.  For anyone that isn’t caught up, quit slackin’ ! ;)  Also, I was over in the Forum grinning from ear to ear at some of […]

You got QUESTIONS? We've got ANSWERS! REMINDER: Shameless promotion

Ok so I know that was a lame tag line (shut up I love it!), but it’s true and it’s perfectly within the topic I am about to discuss. So here is the deal, we are going to do an episode at the END of the book that includes an interview of both Chris and […]

Poems; What do you think? Lets talk about Cashious and Robert Frost.

I find the poems very difficult to write, but man they can be powerful. Are you a fan of poetry? There are a couple that I really love like Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken or Beowolf as a matter of fact here is a copy of the first as it will get you warm up for […]

The Room of Death and Gore

The Poem from episode 16; don’t read if you haven’t listened to the chapter. Another one that I’m not going to keep up for very long so enjoy. 

Prologue – for a bit

So I thought it would be fun to throw up the WRITTEN portion of the prologue. So if you wanted to READ the prologue. Here you go. REMEMBER if you haven’t signed up for the forum, rated the book on podiobooks or itunes MAKE SURE YOU DO. If you have a chance, please COMMENT. We […]

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