A native of Washington State, Collin grew up NOT liking reading stories or school in general. Girls, sports, and working held much more appeal for the young Collin. He graduated from Moses Lake High School despite lack of regular attendance then journeyed forth towards Boise State in Idaho where he received a B.A. in Social Science. His dream was to practice law with his father and brother; a dream that he pursued vigorously in his undergraduate education. Little did he know that his father would leave the practice of law and his brother would make plans to head to Costa Rica (No, really I’m serious). While these career developments were unexpected, even more unexpected was Collin’s growing interest in writing and story telling. After reading several stories (averaging a book a week for almost a whole year), he developed a story idea and started to write.

Podcast novels and writing in general were much like his move to SOUTH DAKOTA (Yes, I said South Dakota); random and totally unexpected. Collin spent a year writing a story with a Roman Gods theme then came to a real and terrible realization, Fantasy fans are brutal. Absolutely brutal! If they like you, man they REALLY like you. If they don’t…well let’s not talk about that. From that moment, Collin spent many hours reworking The House of Grey into a story that Fantasy fans (and everyone else hopefully) will enjoy, gleaning ideas from many independent literary sources from Indian folklore to Japanese anime. After graduating from the University of South Dakota Law School, Collin, his smoldering wife, and two beautiful daughters moved down the street from Chris in good ol’ Colorado. Collin passed the Bar and is currently working as an attorney and vigorously writing fantastical stories for his fans.

(Oddly enough, writing in the third person is very strange when writing about yourself.)

Collin loves to hear from his audience and fans so drop him a line.

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