House of Grey Volume 7 Update and Nanowrimo

I am happy to announce that we are almost there. I am about 90% done with the draft and Chris is instantly going to go into the creative edits. This has been along time coming so I am very thankful for the patience.

Actually that is part of the reason I am writing this so you can help me keep track of my progress. The Goal Finish the NANOWRIMO challenge and finish volume 8 in the process. Let the games begin.


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21 Responses to “House of Grey Volume 7 Update and Nanowrimo”

  1. Traniel says:

    Great I am excited. House of Grey is totally amazing and you cannot let it go. The ending of the volume I currently read made me ready to see what will happen next. I like how open minded you made the story so you can leave us wanting. Lol now I am ready for the questions to be answered.

  2. chris says:

    Hello Mr. Earl,
    Chris here new fan. I really enjoyed the house of grey and harmonics. I am patiently and anxiously awaiting the sequels to both of these. Your writing skills are phenomenal never read from such a talented author. We are all at a stand still with anticipation with every update the butterflies in our stomachs swarm. I totally sympathise with the other fans “pleasse!!!” Finish these sequels these books take minds to a mysterious and excellent place. Superb work Mr. Earl.

  3. Katelynn says:

    Hello! I have enjoyed the House of Grey through the podcasts audiobook option. I have finished all 41 episodes.. But I’m at a cliffhanger almost literally and need to know what is next! I cannot seem to figure out where to pick up in the volumes. Have I listened to everything and need to wait for volume 7? Or do I start with volume 2? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love the relationships that are starting to build, keep up the amazing writing!


    • Collin Earl says:


      Glad you enjoyed the story. The written version is the latest iteration of the story. The volumes are all over the place. Look up Collin Earl – House of Grey and its all over the internet. Chris is redoing the audio eventually, just have not gotten around to it yet. The next volume is in production and represents the continuation of the story.

  4. Melissa says:

    Hi I just finished volume 6 and can't wait till the next volume. I Will admit that while the beginning of the volumes where not that interesting I am glad that I finished them all. Any idea when the next volume will be available yet?

  5. Shawn says:

    So what you are saying, is that if you have listened to the series found on, vol’s 1-6 are the same story, and vol 7 is brand new material, correct?

    • Collin Earl says:

      Its not totally the same story – some stuff is fleshed out. And original material does start in volume seven which a draft is completed.

  6. Jesse says:

    I have now purchased and read all the available house of grey books and harmonics books and really looking forward to the release of each of the next installment. Keep up the hard work.

  7. Muak says:

    Hello Mr Earl,
    There’s good and bad news. Im guessing you’d want to hear the bad before the good news. I mean, who would want to end it on a bad note? The bad news is that I’m totally hating on you for what happened in volume 6… That was too much to bare (sniff) like common really?! Why!?. And also I’m a little startled by the release dates and how big of a gap it is. Just curious on why this volume had taken a while longer then the rest. Other than that, the good news is that I’m a total sucker for the series and I’ll be certainly waiting for the oncoming volumes. You are indeed a very intrestimg author, and I’m personally interested in what you have installed for us.
    (Forever crushed by volume 6) Muak.

    • Collin Earl says:


      Thanks for commenting! Glad you enjoyed the books. Plenty left where that came from. Lots of story left and I think you’ll like the direction we are going to go.

      Why has the new volume taken longer? Well life mostly – I started a new law practice and had another child…you know all the stuff that comes with life. Hoping to up production in the coming year. WE have the seventh volume in edits as we speak.

      Do me and favorite leave a positive review for me. Its the best way to get the word out.



  8. Traniel says:

    Just wondering if there is any update on volume 7? Also is there a blog in which people are talking about the House of Grey books? I am listening to the audio books once again, but i just wanted to see if there are discussions going on. I wanted to see what others think about certain parts in the book. 🙂 again great job and I am excited for the new volume(s) coming

  9. Overlord says:

    Hi Collin

    Just wanted to say I’ve read Volumes 1-6 twice, and I love them. That is, love all except what happens to Cyann at the end. Just when I was starting to like her and associate her with the Mr. Grey team :/
    So anyway, I was wondering when the next volume will come out? It’s been a long time, and we are all waiting..

    A reply would be greatly appreciated, Collin
    Don’t disappoint The team!

    Thanks in advance

    • Collin Earl says:

      The seventh volume is in edits right now. The next month or two we are hoping. Number is about 50% done and will hopefully be out before the end of the year.

  10. Tracy says:

    When is volume 7 coming out???

  11. Jennifer says:

    Any update on volume 7? I love House of Grey!!

  12. Paul says:


    I just finished listening to the pod cast version. Thank you for having made it available. Your characters are engaging and readily come to life. Your narrative style (writing style?) is descriptive to the point of distraction. (I was tempted to speed up the audio to move the plot along.) It took several chapters to get fully vested in the story. (Nothing can compete with the first page of “Snow Crash” for “hooking” the reader.) That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.


  13. Geoff says:

    Hey, Collin…it’s been almost 5 years since this entry…where are ya, man? I’ve been waiting for new stories. I first listened to House of Grey in 2020, loved it. Then I read all of the Harmonics series. But now…your fans are waiting. We miss you.

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