Update for Chris and I – Harmonics, House of Grey and Daniel Knight

So we are pretty much epic failures this year – I have to give a big fat apology to all you fans. The last post was in May of 2013 and that is simply unacceptable. Allow me to tell you all what’s going on.

First, some major changes are going on with my life. I started my own law practice with my brother just in the last couple of the weeks which will hopefully allow me more time to write. I’ve been working 60 to 70 hour weeks for the last two years. I am starting my own business so that hopefully I have more time for family, friends and of course, writing. I am re-committing myself to the storytelling craft with providing regular updates, tweeting, Facebooking and stories. Your patience will be rewarded I promise. I’ve got a lot of stuff left in me and hopefully when it finally drops you will love reading it as much as I love writing it.

Here is the break down of what is happening in the creative world.

House of Grey  Volume 7– I am about 70% done with the first draft of the House of Grey Volume 7  – I am going to try to push through and get it done by the end of May and spend june editing with maybe a July release. This is my goal hopefully you can cheer me on in this endeavor.

House of Grey AUDIO production – Chris has been really in demand in the last year. Many authors with many a book that have paid him a lot of money to associate with his craft. I know that many of you want an audio version of the House of Grey to come out. All I can say is it is coming (I encourage you to simply bug Chris. Ha! He is going to love me for that)

Harmonics – the fourth book in the Harmonics series is proving more complicated then Chris and I originally anticipated which has resulted in delay. However, we’ve reinvigorated our efforts on this one. Chris is doing a bang up job. Really putting out some words per minute. I am hoping we have the next book done by the end of the year.

Daniel Knight – This story is really blowing up. The mythologies, the magic system, the long term theory of the world are all down on paper. This series is quickly becoming one of my most exciting projects. I’ve already got 4 chapters written so stay tuned.

Again, we are re-focuing our effort on getting content to you. Please stay tuned and check back because in no uncertain terms I am back at it and hopefully I will be better than ever.

Much love,

Collin J. Earl



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5 Responses to “Update for Chris and I – Harmonics, House of Grey and Daniel Knight”

  1. Angie says:

    This just made my day Collin. Glad to know your back on the writing wagon.

  2. nanawoolf says:

    It Is September, just curious, what vol. 7 of The House of Grey is doing?
    I am sitting on the edge, waiting how it will continue.

  3. tpride says:

    Awesome books. There are alot of questions now and I can’t wait for the next book. Just wondering when we can expect something else??!! Every month I get on here and check, but nothing just yet. Thanks

  4. Mrs. Cassius Kay says:

    Volume 7 update?!


  5. Jesse says:

    Really looking forward to book 4 of harmonics. I started rereading the first three waiting in anticipation. Hopefully since this is a year later I don’t have long to wait.

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