Balticon schedule for Chris Snelgrove

To echo Collin’s words- crazy! So excited to see everyone- and I’ve been itching some Ben’s Chili Bowl somthin’ fierce.

Here’s my schedule:


Friday- May 24

4pm- Meeting Other Podcasters with Doc Coleman, KT Bryski, Allison Gamblin, Nobilis Reed, and Nutty Nuchtchas

5pm- Helping Authors Find and Work with Narrators with a BUNCH of folks


Saturday- May 25

10am ePublishing with Collin Earl, Paul Cooley, John Mierau, and Nobilis Reed

8pm Podcast Editing with Chris Lester, PG Holyfield, PC Haring, and Hugh O’Donnell


Sunday- May 26

4 pm Managing A Large Cast with Jay Smith, Veronica Giguere, and Bryan Lincoln

7pm Full Cast vs. Straight Read with seriously a whole SLEW of folks


Monday- May 27

9am Converting Your eBook for Multiple Formats with yours truly

11am Branding Your Work for Success with Allison Gamblin and Collin Earl

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