Update – Harmonics and House of Grey proof read

Just real quick – the House of Grey and Harmonics are going through ANOTHER edit, this one by a separate line editor. After re-reading the third volume of the HOG and Harmonics: Revelations, it is totally needed. So you will be seeing that here. Remember to tell a friend about the books. (Thought I would throw that in for good measure)

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8 Responses to “Update – Harmonics and House of Grey proof read”

  1. E says:

    Just wondering when the second book of HOG will be out. Listened to and read the podcasts and volumes(subtle changes to the story) but when are we gonna find out what happens in the aftermath of the battle?

  2. Kass says:

    Hi, i just finished reading The House of Grey, all of them, and it’s been driving me crazy because i can’t figure out who is supposed to be on volume 2. Thanks! Btw loved the books

  3. Karen Turner says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed our conversation on Facebook. I will get to the Amazon reviews later this evening. Thank you for such a captivating series in “The House of Grey.” So looking forward to the next volume.


  4. nicole says:

    Please tell me there is more to the Monson Grey story! I have read all 6 and I want to know more! Excellent books by the way.

  5. Jana says:

    Still waiting on that 7th volume from House of Grey. I see there hasn’t been any posts on this website in quite some time. It’s March 2014 and I thought for sure there would be some news by now. Sad. I bought all of these volumes and now I’m left hanging with a totally cryptic ending on volume 6. Come on guys, your loyal readers deserve some news 🙂

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