The House of Grey Volume 5 is up on Amazon

You know the deal – second to last volume – its heating up go and get it.

The House of Grey Volume 5

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2 Responses to “The House of Grey Volume 5 is up on Amazon”

  1. Amber says:

    So not fair to leave such a cliffhanger! I loved it! Now, the only problem is waiting for Volume 6. I do have a question though. Is there any chance the series will progress beyond the original intended number? Assuming the characters I like will still be around, I don’t think I’ll like saying goodbye.

    Great job on another hit!

    • Collin Earl says:

      Amber, trust me there is plenty of story to come after this next volume – we are just getting started. This story is going to be around for a while! So no worries about that. I have already started on volume 7 which will start the second arc of the story. (WHich doesn’t take place at Coren mind you:)

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