Harmonics: The Jadian Sun is out — We are Rushing on May 31, 2012

So the Book is out! Looking at the Rush around 10:00 AM Mountain! Don’t miss it.

For Samantha Montgomery, it seems there is no end to the reach of the Jadian Empire, as she once again finds herself at its mercy. Although life in an underground military facility was no picnic, the dangers within the elusive Empire may prove even more perilous.

With Richard’s sacrifice all for naught and Adam a part of those responsible for the attack on her school, Sam must find a way back to her home, back to her family…back to the life she once knew on her own.

Sam isn’t sure who she can trust as everyone around her seems tangled in the Empire’s vast web of deceit and duplicity. As she descends deeper into the heart of the Seven Cities, she realizes that nothing is certain- not even her beliefs about herself. Now she must choose between the life she has always known, or the truths she has discovered.

Join Sam as she uncovers the legacies, legends, and lies in Harmonics: The Jadian Sun

Harmonics: The Jadian Sun


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So that is the third book in the Harmonics series – the next three volumes of the House of Grey should be out, hopefully, by the end of the summer. Then its original material. Look forward to it.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Will you be writing any more Harmonics books? If so, when will the next one be out?

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