The House of Grey Volume 1 is finally up on Barnes and & Noble

Go and download it here

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4 Responses to “The House of Grey Volume 1 is finally up on Barnes and & Noble”

  1. Lucie Le Blanc says:

    Hi Collin !
    I don’t know if you remember me, I am the really tall frecnh-canadian you met at Balticon with Chris. 😉 I felt bad for not knowing more about The House of Grey, so I went back to podiobooks and downloaded the first episodes of it.

    As I said to Chris, I listen to about 40 hours of podcasts a week. Even with that much listening, I am pretty choosy about what I like or not, and was wondering why I didn’t listen to your stuff before.

    First let me say that I am enjoying your story very much. The writing and the audio quality are amazing. So why didn’t I listen to it before ? The blurb on Podiobooks… it did absolutely nothing to attract me. Even if I know that blurbs are really hard to write, I have a hard time overlooking them when choosing a podcast to listen to.

    For one thing, yours is a bit longish and begins with “14 year-old…”. I confess that I stop reading it right there… I am not a YA fan. In your case, my loss. As Tee Morris is found to say : a blurb must begin by a one-liner that will punch you in the face and makes you want to read more.

    In The House of Grey case, one line comes to my mind : “Harry Potter meets Gladiator”.

    So now I am listening to it all and I am really really happy to see that more will come. And when I like a podcast, I usually buy the book to say thanks for the awesomeness. 😉

    I hope this explains why I didn’t know more about you and your story and that I am forgiven for ovelooking it until now. 😉


    • Collin Earl says:


      I appreciate the feedback – we were young when we wrote that that is for sure. Its something we’ve talked about – just haven’t quite the right blurb you know? Anyway, thanks for the feedback and let me know if you are enjoying the book or have specific comments on the writing!


  2. Amber says:

    I am waiting impatiently on Volume 5. I found the free download on Amazon for Volume 1. I couldn’t stop reading! I downloaded 2 immediately, and demanded to download 3 and call it a birthday present. I downloaded 4 the day it became available. As I said, I’m impatiently waiting for 5.

    I just wanted you to know just how amazing I found these books. It’s within the top 3 of new series I’ve discovered this year.

    Thanks for writing a great story! The only improvement I can think of is not having to wait so long, but as someone who is part of a writing group for fun, I do understand that great stories take time.

    • Collin Earl says:

      Thank you Amber – its always nice to meet a fan and to hear positive feed. As for volume 5, we are only waiting on cover art. Once that is done, it should be uploaded! Exciting stuff!

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