The House of Grey Volumized (I understand that is not a word)

The day…it seemed like a day just like any other, and technically Monday, May 30, 2011 was a day just like any other. I flew in from a con out in Baltimore and that was cool. It wasn’t my first, nor will it be my last. At that con I got to hang out with the likes of Tee Morris, Scott Sigler, Evo Terra, and Nathan Lowel, just to name a few. I got to reconnect and connect with people I’ve known, but never seen. I even had a “fan” or two approach me about my work. Again, all things that have happened before. No, what was so special about this day was I finally decided what I am going to do with the my premier novel, The House of Grey and because of the decision my heart is full and my fingers are sliding across this keyboard to tell you this news. BUT first, can I say thanks for downloading The House of Grey and supporting Chris and I on this and other projects. The House of Grey has always been a labor of love for me as an author. I wrote it mainly because I wanted something that I thought I would enjoy; a story that spreads across genres and fulfilled the different tastes I have as a reader. I wanted a story that had action, comedy, romance, and thrills spearheaded by a dynamic, diverse, and lovable cast. So that is what I set out to write and is why I ended up writing a 320,000 word novel. That podcast, which has exceeded all my expectations, has been wildly successful in my small sheltered mind. I was looking for an audience- someone to read my book and I found them in droves because of The House of Grey. The problem is however, I’ve created an untamable beast…or so I thought.

Just so you know, it is unheard of to write a 320,000 word YA novel. People don’t do that.  Way too big for the genre and targeted audience. So of course, I thought I needed to split The House of Grey into manageable story lines- maybe a three book construct-  and do so without losing the stuff that makes The House of Grey great. However, I quickly realized that the book was too big and dang near impossible to alter without completely changing the story. For the last two years, I’ve asked myself, what do I do with this book that touched so many people with the characters and conflict and turn it into something that I can feed into the main stream and still give me the chance I seek to continue the story in a way that I am comfortable writing a character focused story.

It hit me today. I have to decided that I will put the story out on my terms. So because of those terms, I now introduce you to The House of Grey Volumed Series. The House of Grey was a serialized podcast that came out over the course of two years. I’ve decided to apply that model to The House of Grey written version. I plan on making this novel available to you very cheaply in volumes of 5 to 7 chapters, with the added benefit of fun cover illustrations, some manga/anime style art for character profiles, and book scenes and messages- like this one from the author. This is the format that we are going to employ for the entire series and will break it up by volume and “arc.” This style is not going to be for everyone, but if you are willing to break from the norm, I think this is a story that is going to rock your socks off.

Chris and I have already started the transformation process.  We do so as we speak. We are planning on doing this, but we want to hear from you. Please Please Please comment on this one as it could affect the project and we really want your feed back.

Thanks for barely reading.

Collin Earl


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27 Responses to “The House of Grey Volumized (I understand that is not a word)”

  1. Yasu says:

    If it wasn’t 945 on a school night right now, I would be squealing so hard you’d hear me out in Colorado. OH MY GLITTERING BOG. I’M SO EXCITED!!!! Your superfan can’t wait~! ^^

  2. Nuchtchas says:

    I loved chatting with you and look forward to seeing you next year. Btw let me know when that box of poo is for sale too 🙂 in all seriousness what you’re doing here has potential and I hope it exceeds expectations

    • Collin Earl says:

      I too enjoyed chatting with you! I am hoping it exceeds expectations too, and of course, it should be alot of fun.

  3. corey says:

    sounds really cool cant wait. i have liten to the whole thing a few time and it never gets old. loven it

  4. Jo Summersill says:

    I just discovered these books and have read House of Grey volumes 1, 2, 3. Any idea when volume 4 will be available?

    • Collin Earl says:

      Volume 4 shoulder be out this month followed closely by volume 5! Glad you enjoyed them. Do me a solid leave a review and tell a friend! Best way to get the word out:)

  5. Just finished Volume 1 and will start Volume 2 at lunch today – also just downloaded Harmonics: Rise of the Magician (Harmonics, #1). Very much enjoying it so far!

  6. Natesha says:

    I absolutely LOVE The House of Grey Volumes 1,2, and 3. Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  7. Marcus Wasting says:

    Hello I have a few questions
    1 how many of the six volumes of house of grey will the original podcast entail. I mean is the podcast the whole all six volumes. And if what accually happened in the end.
    2 Only volume 1-3 are currently at amazon and 3 came out in may when will volume 4 be out.
    3 will you release the books as physical books i mean paperback or hardcover or something like that.

  8. Collin Earl says:

    Hi Marcus I will answer your questions!

    1. The original encompasses the first 6 volumes of the re-write. However, there will be some never before seen material at the end of the 6th volume. (You’ll get to find out what happened to certain main characters that left you hanging in the original). From there, I will start writing new material for The House of Grey around the start of the new year and will stay with the volume format. 6 volumes per arc.

    2. The House of Grey Volume Four should be out this week – I am working on the edits as we speak.

    3. I will release them as physical books at some point. If there is enough demand for them.



    • Cameron Andrews says:

      Another question after this one. How many “books” will there be in the house of grey. because at the end of the pod casts it seems like there was a lot more to the story. what happens?

  9. Z says:

    Weird story, sitting at the airport, found a kindle on the floor, and had the first volume in it. This was 4 days ago. Now, not only have I finished that volume, I purchased 2 and 3, and finished those as well. When can I get 4 and 5 and many more?!?!?!

  10. Lalit says:

    Love the story so far!! I’m seriously addicted and having withdrawal symptoms. Any idea on when exactly volume 5 will be out? Also, I think it would be amazing if you released them as physical books as well. I have been telling everyone I know about it.

    • Collin Earl says:

      Volume 5 should be out the end of this month! I am planning to put together the physical book if there enough people who are interested! Thanks for sharing the book means a alot to me!

      • Lalit says:

        Awesome! I am eagerly awaiting it. I was listening to Crawling by Linkin Park the other day and it suddenly struck me that it would be the perfect song to use if you ever decided to make a trailer for the book. The lyrics seem to fit right with the story. Anyway just a suggestion. I can’t wait fo volume 5!!

  11. Collin Earl says:

    No we are finishing up the edits and getting cover art. Should be any day now.

  12. Samantha says:

    I just stumbled on your series and fell in love with it right away. I know these books are intended for YA but I’m in my late 20’s and couldn’t put it down. It is honestly something that can appeal to all ages. Luckily for me I was able to read the first 5 volumes right in a row. Please tell me volume 6 is coming out soon.
    Authors are vary smart putting the first book in the series for free on kindle, then people are willing to give an unknown book a chance, fall in love with, then have to buy the remainder of the books to finish the story. Ive found amazing unknown authors this way, so thanks for being one of them.I like the format of splitting it into separate volumes because I probably wouldn’t have given it a chance if it was really long. Its a lot of time to invest in something you have never heard of. The only problem I had is that it was split into so many volumes. They are cheap enough but they do add up when there are so many of them.

    • Collin Earl says:

      Samantha – I am very glad that you enjoyed the books. The Sixth volume should be out this next month sometime. Just in time for the holidays. As for the breaking up on the book, we are going to offer an omibus with the whole arc so that should help going forward. Do me a favor! Tell a friend and leave a review. Its people like you that get the word out!

  13. Seb says:

    I just finished vol 6 but it really had no conclusion. Will there be another vol with an actual ending?

    • Collin and I talked about some of these kinds of things on Facebook and he told me that his is the end of the FIRST arc. The next arc book 1 is apparently due for Feb-March 2013, And that will continue the story.


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