Episode 12- Adam and Evening

Sam and Cammie spend some quality time over dinner with Adam and his friend. After they leave, a dangerous encouter leaves Sam and Cammie with no exit.

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2 Responses to “Episode 12- Adam and Evening”

  1. Mary Laura says:

    Hey Guys,
    Listened to House of Grey and enjoyed it immensely and have been keeping up with Harmonics.
    I think it’s really cool what you’re doing with the new book.
    Both books have original, interesting and sympathetic characters and great action. They’re full of engaging action and are superbly narrated.
    My only beef is that the plot lines are a bit confusing at times, especially in the audio format, as it’s harder to go back and find places where I missed some important plot point, name, etcetera when listening, as opposed to reading it in a book. Occasional repetition of important names, events and such would help me keep up better with the story.
    I see it’s been a month since your last episode, and I hope we get to hear the rest of the tale. It’s much too good to ‘podfade’.
    Thanks so much for taking the trouble to bring us your tales and I hope to be getting episode 13 soon!

    • Chris Snelgrove says:

      Hey Mary and Dami, the new episode should be out very soon. I have been dealing with sinus issues for the last 2 weeks so the episodes came out sounding like i was in a tunnel. No chance of podfading as we just finished the draft of season two! That will be out in just a few months! Hang in there.

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