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Creating An Online Presence

So in my last blog post, Content is King, I talked about what I feel is the most effective way to promote an individual project. I said that the most important thing is to write. Why? Because writing creates products, products are what you sell, sales is how you make money. (Among other things) The more products you have, the higher sales potential you have. The list goes on. I think I am willing to put this out there and say that the fastest way to author success is to write your brains out. However, this is a big however, you’ve still got at least TRY to do the other stuff. I think the people, in the modern marketing environment, which are the most successful, are the ones that do a combination of writing and marketing and do so in a creative and innovative way.

Allow me to explain myself.

In my content is king post I talked about an author I know who is a writing machine, I said:

As a podcast novelist, or a novelist that puts my novel out on the Internet in podcast form for serialized distribution and consumption, my colleague pool is pretty small. It’s a fairly defined group and I’ve the chance to get to know these people in a professional way. They are from different places, living different lives, with different goals for themselves and their careers. Now I am not going to use any names, because ultimately this isn’t about whom they really are, but really about what they are doing. I’ve looked at one of those who I deem successful in our industry pool and found something interesting.

This man I am thinking of has busted out a slur of novels in the last 4 years. The man is a writing machine, putting out one book after another. What else is he doing? Not much. He has a blog that he updates on occasion. He has a Twitter feed and Facebook page that he updates, again, on occasion. I haven’t seen him do anything with Youtube or other video projects and I have seen him do occasional appearance at a Convention, but besides that I don’t see the man advertize really at all.

Now I am going to relay another second example, and I am going to use his name this time because I don’t think he’ll mind and I want you to really take in what I am going to tell you. So the person I am thinking about is named Scott Sigler. For any of you familiar with the podcast world you might know Scott for his amazingly gruesome horror novels. Scott, in a nutshell, started podcasting his stuff about 5 years ago when a deal he had with a publisher went belly up. Since then Scott has gone on to release more than 8 full titles, three of which are with a major publisher, a slur of short stories and bunch of other content. If you look at Scott, I think I can venture to say that he has been “successful” in his career attempts. Now Scott might say something different, as I know he is currently trying to take over the world, but for the sake argument and an 800-word blog post we’ll assume that is right

Scott’s actions, I feel, exemplify what you really need to do in the market place to maximize your reach, and therefore, maximize your effectiveness. Being a popular writer/speaker/story-teller is a game of numbers complimented with a diverse line of products. In the podcast/internet world, there isn’t a place you can go where you don’t see Scott.  From grammar to gamer podcasts, he has probably contacted them, had them play his promo or do a shout out for one of his contests. He is simply all over the place like I said, writing and promoting he has found the balance.

What does this mean for you? Am I going to tell you exactly what Scott did? Nope. I don’t want you to try to do what Scott did. That isn’t the point. The point of this post was to try to find the balance between writing and marketing and to maximize your marketing endeavors by doing so creatively. Scott did his marketing by giving his stuff away for free. That’s not all that creative it’s the oldest marketing scheme in the book. However, when he started podcasting and serializing his novel in 2005, it was different, it was creative, it was fun. That is what I am trying to tell you. So look at the box you’re in and try, really try to think outside it. You’ll be surprised what you find.


Collin Earl CLO of Darkfire Productions.


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