Content is King – Part One.

Authors are always looking for the next greatest thing to help sell books; back in the 90s it was the Internet, then shortly after that, email, closely followed up by blogs, Myspace, YouTube, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Podiobooks and more. There is so much to do, so much to get your head around, its hard to know where you should be spending your time. I’ve suffered from similar time management problems. Most authors, myself included, have jobs, families and other obligations outside their writing. Until we make enough money to meet our everyday obligations, writing is the career we are supposed to have and not the one we have currently. What does that mean? It means the obvious that an author has to outline, create, write, market, blog, be social through social media all while navigating our real lives, families and alternative careers. Time is the biggest thing working against us and it can be difficult to know what the most efficient use of that time is.

You’ve probably read thousands blog posts, books, ebooks, or heard hundreds of talk shows on the exact subject. While my thoughts aren’t anything ground breaking, I think its important to remember the true key to success. This is the universal characteristic that all successful authors have in common. I will get to it. I know you want to know, but worry not. This is something you are probably already aware of. I am just reminding you.

You need to write. That is the key, writing, writing, writing. Content, content, content. You’ve got to do it.

As a podcast novelist, or a novelist that puts my novel out on the Internet in podcast form for serialized distribution and consumption, my colleague pool is pretty small. It’s a fairly defined group and I’ve the chance to get to know these people in a professional way. They are from different places, living different lives, with different goals for themselves and their careers. Now I am not going to use any names, because ultimately this isn’t about whom they really are, but really about what they are doing. I’ve looked at one of those who I deem successful in our industry pool and found something interesting.


This man I am thinking of has busted out a slur of novels in the last 4 years. The man is a writing machine, putting out one book after another. What else is he doing? Not much. He has a blog that he updates on occasion. He has a Twitter feed and Facebook page that he updates, again, on occasion. I haven’t seen him do anything with Youtubo or other video projects and I have seen him do occasional appearance at a Convention, but besides that I don’t see the man advertize really at all.

Now would you believe that the man is selling over 1000 books a month? Crazy right. How does he do it? The answer is simple.

He writes!

I want you to take a look, a real look, at every successful author, indie or otherwise. The one thing you will find they have in common is that they continue to write.  They have multiple titles that lead to multiple series that snowballs upon itself in an uncontrollable manner. Picture for a moment that you had 20 different books out there. Now picture that one person finds one of your books, and likes it. With that one person, you’ve got the chance to get 19 more sales! Why? Simple.  People like to buy what they are familiar with. If they are familiar with you from one of your books; the odds are they will buy another one. Not especially because it’s another book, but because its your book. It’s really that simple

So to answer the question, what should I be doing right? Writing should always be on the forefront of your mind because ultimately, the best way to promote your book is to write another one.


Collin Earl, CLO of Darkfire Productions.


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