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This is a little something I cooked up over at www.darkfireproductions.com

I read a blog post recently, I’m not going to say who it was from or anything like that, but I read this blog post recently that talked about writing. The gal lamented. I never have enough time to blog or twitter or facebook or write. I’ve been working on my debut novel for 4 years and I am simply not getting it done. Do you, my readers, have any tips on getting words on paper?

Ok that isn’t exactly what she said and she was a whole lot more articulate than I am, but the message is still the same. She was writing a blog post about the book that she had been working on for four years asking her readers what she could do to finish her book.

I’ve got an idea its going to be novel, amazing, one of a kind. Are you ready?

Get off the damn internet and write your book.

Crazy idea I know. Now I am sure this woman is very nice and probably very talented. Her blog posts, for the most part, are interesting and informative. I’m sure that when her book is done; it will be great. I might even read it if she ever finishes it.

Here is the problem and really its all in the set up. You are writing a blog post. You are asking people for advice about how to get words on to paper. Do any of you see the problem?

GET OFF THE INTERNET AND WRITE! Don’t ask people how to write!! Force yourself to sit down and do it. Set a goal for a number of words and sit your but down on your computer, word processer, pad and paper, hammer and chisel whatever and write that book. That is the only way its going to get done.

The real problem is that people spend too much time thinking about writing and not enough time doing it. Do you really want to know what the key to getting a book done? Its writing. That is really all there is too it.

Writing is a marathon. Not a sprint. If you want to get a book done quickly, sit down every single day and write. Make a goal. Pursue that goal. Obtain that goal and make the goal reasonable. I don’t know many people that can sit down and write 4,000 words in a sitting. In some cases its patience, in others its time. (We simply don’t have it) So make a goal that you can get. I started out at 500 words a day and then increased to 1000 words a day. Do I always get it? Nope. But the goal is on the back of my mind constantly because I know its something I can do; therefore its something I should. Its that simple.

I’d like to leave you with some words of inspiration, but really thats not my style. So I will simply say. Get off this page. Open your word processer and go to work. Oh and thank me in your acknowledgments.

Collin Earl

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