The Son of Man C.W Johnson.

I’m really not into Relgious Mythology like this one, but I needed something to listen to while on my way to Alamosa County and so this won out.

I give this book 3 and 1/2 starts.

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The story isn’t exactly as it seems before you start reading. It focuses on the second coming of Christ, but that second coming is going to be accomplished through use of science and technology (i.e. Cloning) instead of miraculous conception. The parallell to the story of christ’s first coming is uncanny including John the Baptist (Brother Michael in Modern Day), disciples of christ and John the Baptist and miracles abound. This all perpetrated by a group of religious separatists known as the “Vinces” They set out to clone the son of god and on my goodness they succeed.

Pros. C.W Johnson is a brilliant writer in his use of structure and verbiage. The arc of the story proceeds well and the plot is articulated and clear. The characters with the exception of one in particular are good, you like some, you hate others and some you are totally indifferent to. It appears this is done by design and so I count this as good writing.

Cons: Maria is a terrible character. She is so hard to understand and connect with I find myself wishing she wasn’t around at all. This may have been done purposefully as you’re not supposed to be in love with every character in every book. But for me this character ruined much of the story. I also think that the pacing could have been better. The Son of Man is a BIG book. Its long and at times drawn out. My final con is this book is not for the kiddos. This is very much an adult book right down to a priest thats in to child pornography and under age sex with little boys.

Overall, I thought the story was well worth the 99 cents I paid for it. It is something different for sure. If you like thriller books and interesting religious mythology, you should like this book. I don’t think this book is for everyone however. People with strong religious ties might be offended. I’m quite religious and it didn’t often me but a word of warning before you dive head first.

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