Transformation by Carol Berg

I originally posted this review at Amazon. This is another of those older books but another good one nonetheless. My brother actually turned me on to this series by Carol Berg some years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since.

I give this book 4 stars.

Seyonne is having a bad–well decade and a half, his people are conquered, his magic is gone and now he is a slave for Prince Aleksander, the Heir to the Empire, and all round brat (brat is probably not a strong enough word). This is their story, the plot and arc for their “transformation”

PROS: Very easy read, not a short book by any means, but the vernacular is easy to read and stay with. Some would say that this story is one dimensional, I would say that is probably true but only if you don’t follow up with the rest of the series. Transformation is a encompassing story. There is a start, middle and end. One could read this story and be COMPLETELY satisfied by the story telling. You would be missing out if you didn’t stay with it, trust me, but you seriously could be done after this book Carol’s characterization was amazing. All the characters, minor characters and the like are expansive.

CONS: There are some pretty graphic scenes of torture and violence in this book. It didn’t bother me as I have a pretty thick skin but I would say that this book is not for the kiddies. I also had trouble placing a face on the bad guy, which was an incredibly powerful demon. This is ok in and of it self but the demon’s motivations and therefore his characterization is lacking. He doesn’t really have a personality and so he seems shallow. I think that is the greatest weakness of the book.

Overall, a well rounded fantasy that feels almost like two books. It has a bit of something for everyone in this book. If you are a fantasy reader I think this is one that you should give a try.

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