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I’ve been doing my up-most to read more as, what can I say, I essentially stopped doing any (besides audiobooks) when I started law school. My time constraints have not improved much but i’m reading less legalize and so I thought doing reviews for my blog might encourage me to read more. If my reading helps myself and others to find good books then all the better for me. Just remember that reasonable people can disagree (just ask the court system) so try to take what I say with a grain of salt.

Here are my thoughts on the review deal:

1. I plan on reviewing fantasy and science fiction novels. That is really what I read in the book department so I probably won’t get far outside those generes.

2. I also plan, if not now eventually, on doing some reviewing manga and anime titles.  Dorky? Perhaps, but what can I say. I can’t help myself; I love the stuff. I will probably end up doing more manga than anime as anime is a bit of a different beast and there are plenty of bloggers who blog week to week each season. I will restrict my review and recommendations to the first couple of volumes so as to not get too much into it. You want to decide for yourselves on those long running series.

3. Feel free to give recommendations; I am always looking for stuff to read so let me know if you have something you like.

I will start updating here in the next day or so so look for it if you a looking for something to read.

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