Harmonics: Rise of the Magician deal for the Holidays

Harmonics: Rise of the Magician is officially out in ebook form!! (Oh happy day)

It can be found here.
This brings us to your premium content tree that we’ve mentioned several times now. Your getting involved in the Harmonics fun shouldn’t be about price. We’ve got a price point for everyone. This is how the Harmonics product line is going to break down. Get involved. Stay involved. This is not something you are going to want to miss.

Non-premium podcast – this will always be free. Always. Chris and I love this too much not to make it that way.

Non-premium ebook – just want to get to the end of the story for just 5 bucks. This is for you. The ebook is the ultimate in instant gratification. You can know, right now, how the first season ends (you’re never gonna guess what happens). Warning- By the time you’re done, you’re going to be hooked.

Now here’s where it gets interesting.

Premium trade paperback – If you want the actual paperback it’s going to be a bit extra but let’s talk about what your 15 bucks gets you. Your 15 dollars gets you the trade paperback to be out in the next month AND you get the ebook right now for free! Thats right for free! Hows that for sweet? We’re not done though. Even if we didn’t offer you this sweet deal of buy now and get double the product, you’re going to want to buy the paperback. Why might you ask? 5 additional chapters. You heard me. FIVE OF THEM. There is one chapter in particular that I think you’re going to love. So buy the book and thank us later.

Premium Audiobook. – this is the big daddy. At 35 bucks a pop this isn’t anything to scoff at price wise. I know this but this is where it gets fun. The audiobook is a full cast, full effects, audio drama. The audio features the voice talents of Starla Huchton, Chris Snelgrove and even myself. Yes, you read correctly. I am making my audio debut in this drama (you are going to love my southern gentleman). The audio drama will also have the additional content. But that’s not all. If you spend the thirty 35 bucks with us, we are going to give the trade paper back for free went it comes out and the ebook for free right now! If that’s not a deal we don’t know what is.

AND….for a short time, we’ll personalize the trade paperback. We’ll be sure to get you the deets as they roll out.

So that is my pitch. Can I just take a minute to say thanks to all of you who’ve stuck with us these last couple of years. Chris and I have learned so much and we are truly thankful for your love and support.

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