The Everything "e" Event JC Hutchins, Evo Terra, and Nathan Lowell

Talk about cool.

When Chris, Nick, and I came up with the idea of doing this event, we had no idea what it could or would entail. We saw people, like us, who were struggling to make sense of Everything “e” and we thought that maybe…just maybe…we could make a difference. Well it wasn’t really us that made that difference. I like to think we had our part in it, but ultimately it was people much bigger and much more awesome than us and so it began.

Most of our fans have come from so most of you all are probably familiar with the likes of JC Hutchins, Nathan Lowell, and Evo Terra as was I. I knew of these men: Evo, the grumpy old man of, Nathan Lowell, Science Fiction workhorse with the magic voice, and JC Hutchins, the Cliffhangering Bass, and yes I am well aware that Cliffangering is not a word. It still applies to JC. That is how I knew them and loved them. Well now I know that I knew nothing.

Did you know that Evo is a beer connoisseur? I learned more about that little beverage in the time I spent with Evo last weekend than I could of ever hoped to learn otherwise. You probably didn’t know that he has TERRIBLE jokes. LOL Maybe it was because I didn’t understand most of them. Did you know that JC Hutchins is soft spoken and incredibly polite. It was “thank you” and pulling out chairs for women all weekend. Did you know that he wants to bring you more incredible stories he just hasn’t figured a way to do it which will benefit all? Did you know what Nathan Lowell has a PhD in Educational Technology and served in the Coast Guard? I sure didn’t. Did you know that THEY thanked US for the chance to speak at our event? I know crazy talk.

These men were some of the most gracious and insightful I’ve ever met. Without being paid, they came and shared their knowledge and expertise with our author group and by association made us that much more credible in our sharing and business. They did it with a smile asking nothing in return. Talk about charity.

More than how great they were or how sweet their information was (which, trust me, it was), I got to meet the men. Sometimes in this world of fame and fortune I think we forget that everyone had a start and came from somewhere. JC, Evo, and Nathan were no different. We talked, we laughed, we shared and I got to see a small part of three men who before I felt like I knew about but really had no idea. Now I doubt that Evo, Nathan, and Hutch will ever read this post but I wanted you, my fans, to know that I, Collin Earl, was blown away the weekend of the 9th of October 2010. It was an experience that I will not soon forget and I hope that my appreciation will somehow bring it back to these men in untold ways because they truly deserve all the praise I give them and more.

Thanks guys.


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