Alternate Ending Contest.

As you well know; we’ve been running the Alternate Ending Contest of the House of Grey for the past few months. Well now its the time to vote. So here who is in the running.

Name: Johnathan
Where you call home: San Dimas
Why you love The House of Grey enough to write an alternate ending: Cause certain people in books that just shouldn’t die
The name of your alternate ending: Monson’s Rewind.

Name: Kiera
Where I call home: Currently, Maryland (however, my home will always be Ohio..)
Why I love the house of grey: Because its a flippin awesome book, with amazing charaters! The podcasts was so fun and addicting to listen to and I just enjoy it… alot, so I felt like I should do this to show how much I love it xD
Name of my contest entry: Angel of Music

Elizabeth R. C.
Earth, North America, The United States, Kentucky
Ah, the characters. I fell in love with the trio and want to hang out with them on friday nights, eat popcorn, watch Indianian Jones flicks, and play video games.
Rain: A House of Grey Alternate Ending

The oh-so-lovely San Dimas, California
Well, It’s not so much that I love the House of Grey so much as I hate Collin’s ending… although, I do love HoG. And Collin. The ending was depressing, in way too many spectrums. The death of Cyann (that most of us are still in denial about, no matter what anyone says) and the absolute cliffhanger listeners were left with made it absolutely nessecary to re-write the heartbreaking scene Collin left us with.
So, I bring you… Tempting Fate.

The stories will be placed on this board so you can read them and then you can vote in the poll that will be shortly added.

Thanks to those who participated; the voting closes on the first of November!

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