Update on Harmonics, TOB, HOG 2, etc.

So the first season of Harmonics is just about written. We have a few more chapters to write, then it’s off to edits. The cover art is coming along (and is going to look sick!) and we are getting everything in order for the podcast, eBook, Print version, and audiobook. Collin and I both agree that someone else should have come up with this story because as excited as we are reading it knowing all the twists and turns, we can only imagine what y’all are in for!

We are still throwing around the ideas for the order of the next project. Basically it’s down to Tournament of Blades or the MASSIVE rewrite of HOG. If it’s TOB, it will be a start to another killer series. If we undertake the rewrite of HOG, you can expect it to take much longer, but at the end you’ll probably have the first THREE books in the HOG series to delve into. Either way, you win.

Watch for updates and sneak previews on facebook and twitter.

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