Harmonics – Rise of the Magician Chapter 1, Season 1 For your reading pleasure….

Chris and I were so excited about this project we thought we would give you all a little taste. ENJOY!

Episode 1
Time: Five years ago
Scene: Non-descript base in the desert

“Gone? What do you mean gone?”

Lab Coats, two of them, the non-descript kind, stood in front of a Suit who was wearing expensive black glasses; the sort of Suit that answers to no one, about no thing. The Suit looked very angry.

“Just what I said. Both projects are gone. It’s like neither ever existed,” the Lab Coat’s voice lamented openly.
“So many years of research. And just after we get the Alpha 1 prototype up and running and Beta 1 finally showed signs of the phenomena, this happens. Up in smoke. Both projects gone just like that.”

“Control yourself doctor. What I’m not understanding is how does a multipart research project that’s worth billions just disappear?”

“We’re really not sure. I checked the weapon last—“

The Suit stepped and struck the Lab Coat in the jaw sending the latter sprawling to the floor.

“We don’t use that word around here, Doctor. This isn’t that sort of facility. I thought you knew that.”

The doctor spat blood as tears ran down his face. “I apologize Sir. What I meant was that I checked the data
feed from the project just last night and everything seemed to be in order.”

The Suit sneered. “Well, what does security have to say about it?”

“Security is dead sir.” The doctor fidgeted, still on the floor. “That’s why we called HQ sir. Everyone else is dead.”

The Suit blanched. “Their dead? All of them? I handpicked those men from the United Delta Force. There is no way that all of them could have been taken out. Not unless they were up against a small army.”

The second Lab Coat reached a shaking hand out to the Suit. “No army sir. We didn’t even hear anything. I think you need to see this.”

The Suit removed his sunglasses as he took a small security drive from the Lab Coat’s hand. The Suit gave the Lab Coat a withering look like he was going to say “just kidding!” Of course this snot-nosed kid from UWC Tech-University knew better. The Suit did not have a sense of humor; killers never did.

The Suit walked over to a large display screen, touched a number of on screen buttons, and then placed the security drive in a small slot. A security reel started to show a slideshow that none of them would soon forget.

“Oh my—“ said the Suit as his eyes widened.

Death scenes one after another flipped across the screen as if this display were nothing more then a family slideshow. Each still image was time stamped only a short while ago. Stalagmite appendages jutted in random places in the room, most running cleanly through bloodied fatigue-wearing men. More of the security forces. At least the Suit thought it was the security forces seeing the many lightweight Series 7 Vector machineguns strewn across the floor. The guns were the only thing distinguishable however. The rest was a charred smoking mess. The scene flipped again. Yet more destruction; doors torn off hinges, computers and other equipment destroyed, and many more dead in gruesome and deliberate ways.

The Suit spoke, his voice very quiet. “You’re telling me that the entire research facility’s security force is dead and no one saw anything? What about the rest of the staff? The scientists in charge of the project? They dead as well?”

The Lab Coat shook his head. “I have no idea and I don’t intend to find out. We are leaving right now—“

“Who gave you permission to leave? We still have work to do good doctor, like figuring out what happened to the projects. Luckily all the research should be backed up to the remote data center drives at HQ. So really, we just need to contain this incident—“

“Sir,” the second Lab Coat interrupted. “I don’t think you get it; there is no containing this incident.”

The Lab Coat pointed to the screen where the last of the reel loaded. The three men stared up at the screen. The Lab Coat’s face beaded up in fear as the Suit’s face grew angry.

The screen depicted a cave of a room, large computer servers, huge fans and suspended steel framed walkways connecting a variety of different exits and stairways sprouting off into a variety of directions. Easily recognizable, this room was situated deep underground, and was the brain of the entire desert facility. This underground facility was designed to withstand anything a military could throw at it from Bunker-Buster bombs to nuclear warheads. It was ironic really. The company had designed this place to be impenetrable from the outside, but no one could anticipate every threat.

“What the hell –“ The Suit’s words slurred and shuffled away as he barely comprehended what he saw. In the very middle of the picture resting directly between two of the largest mainframe computers sat a huge multi-layered crate. Taped to the crate was a banner with two words on it.


The first Lab Coat’s eyes squinted at the chicken scratch painted in huge red letters on the crate.
The Suit started swearing turning and flipping open a communicator. “MESA one this is Outpost Whiskey. We have a security breach. The Farm is compromised. We need full tactical support. Send in Containment and S&D teams, priority one!“

The Lab Coats stumbled over their words. “Sir, do you really think both Containment and S&D are needed? The threat seems to be gone; all the departments are sealed.”

“Fools,” said the Suit walking over to a weapons cache, unlocking it and pulling out a Tiger 35 Assault Rifle.

The Suit loaded a clip in and slid the action back. “Look at the bottom of the picture, do you know what that crate is?”

The Lab Coats looked again turning to face the final picture of the morbid slideshow. Their eyes found the crate that was mostly covered by the banner but there at the bottom two more letters could be made out. Two more characters that read clearly,

“C-10,” mouthed one of the Lab Coats. “That crate is a palette of C-10 explosives? Oh Lord—how could they have—no this isn’t happening.”

“That isn’t the half of it,” whispered the other Lab Coat still staring at the picture. “Isn’t that a clock?”
This simple statement made all three of the men step closer to the massive screen. The second Lab Coat was correct. There was a small clock sitting in the very corner of the screen. The strange thing was, the clock’s numbers were moving.

The three men stared at the screen reaching out as if to touch something ethereal. They watched the numbers count down. 10, 9, 8, 7…

“Isn’t this a compilation of security feed stills,” questioned the Suit. “How—how are the numbers moving?”

The question went unanswered as the countdown hit zero.

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  1. Larry Graves says:

    More, more, MORE!!! Get writing and stop surfing!
    Very excellent, exciting start to the story. Now, stop reading your fan mail and stroking your ego, and get to work on this story!
    Seriously, great work!

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