What's Next?

Just a little update on what we are doing!!!

1. Harmonics- the world’s first audio manga. This will be an ongoing story with tons of seasons and volumes. It will be in the manga style meaning that each episode will advance the plot little by little. As with all of our future projects from henceforth, will we produce the full season then start releasing it. That way we never run into this waiting for a long time in between episodes. Fans will be able to consume it in multiple formats including podcast, eBook, and audiobook. We will also be adding our Segments show through out the season so we can introduce you all to anime in a slower fashion. We will be producing a free podcast version and a full cast paid audio verision. This is our current brain child.

2. DarkFire Productions- so Collin, Nick Taylor, and myself went to a local independent publisher’s association meeting here in CO last year. We were bombarded by people asking about podcast novels, ebooks, facebook, twitter, etc. It kinda felt like we were in another universe, but that’s another story. So the 3 of us got this crazy idea to help these atom-authors become bit-authors. Thus DarkFire Productions was born. Then things got crazy. We have clients coming out of the woodwork clamoring for our time and services. Because of this, we came up with another crazy idea. All these indie authors were getting pennies for their hard work when they sold a print book. So we decided to create an indie bookstore where they can sell their e-products and get most of the money that people pay for their stuff, instead of just pennies. So right now, we are producing audiobooks, formatting ebooks, training and teaching people to use social media, and ramping up to open a huge indie bookstore.

3. Tournament of Blades- this is Collin’s next full length series. Think Mortal Combat meets Constantine with lots and lots of swords. This will be Uncle V’s debut.

4. Short stories- we have a bunch of them that were submitted and I am busy pulling all those together so we can release them to you guys. Some are new authors, some just people with the beginning of their stories laid out. This is coming out soon probably in the next few days.

5. We are also working on the Alternate Ending Contest for the House of Grey that is going to be going on through may so don’t forget to enter as there are going to be some sweet prizes to win.

So heres what we want to do. Sometime in the future, we are going to migrate all of the houseofgrey website over to collinearl dot com. There will still be a forum and a blog, but we will add all of the projects and titles that we release. So the forum will have a House of Grey section, a Harmonics section, a TOB section, etc. The blog will show all the updates from all the projects, but will still have all the audio for all of our projects. AS WE HAVE SAID BEFORE, WE WILL ALWAYS GIVE AWAY OUR STUFF FOR FREE…..ALWAYS. You will always be able to come and listen to or read the stories we kick out. We’ll also share with you guys some of the titles from DarkFire clients that we like. There are some really great reads that just haven’t been converted to “e”.

That’s the update. I know it’s a lot (like a crazy amount of a lot), but hey we’re young ambitious dreamers that are constantly fueled by incredible fans who for some reason pay us a little bit of attention for which we are overwhelmingly grateful.

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  1. I think you guys have a terrific idea and you should go for it. I’m doing something similar with The Leviathan Chronicles where I give the main story away for free, but I plan to charge $1.99 for additional short stories. we’re just finishing Season 1 now, and our first “Special Edition Episode” will go for sale in 6 weeks. Someone above mentioned that marketing is easier when the story is free. I totally agree (free podcasts are easy to distribute and promote) and that’s why I think you need to do a mix of paid and free.

    House of Grey is fantastic, ambitious, immersive story that is absolutely worth paying for. I know that I’m personally ready to slap down some plastic for it and I’ll be telling my listeners to do the same. Let me know when you guys start! Take care!

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