Paid House of Grey Short Stories- Help in covering the cost of production.

So how would you feel about that? I was thinking about doing the original epilogue in the form of a short story along with a few more tidbits. I already know that people want something to do with Cyann, we recorded that poll long ago. So in that spirit, I was thinking about putting these books into eBook and PDF forms in the hopes to make a little money to cover the cost of editing and producing the book. What do you guys think? Would you be upset if I made you pay for some House of Grey content? Is there enough demand? Are these stories worth paying a few bucks for?

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7 Responses to “Paid House of Grey Short Stories- Help in covering the cost of production.”

  1. Yasu Uchiha says:

    Oh, you’re stories are more than worth paying for. It’s just harder to market if it’s not… well, free. You’d think we were in a recession or something…

  2. Paul McMullen says:

    I would happily buy a ebook or pdf version of the story.

  3. Amyc says:

    I would So pay for this book. I think It is the next step to seeing the book in bookstores and I can’t wait to see this book in Barns and Noble. I do with I could have a hard copy one day. 🙂

  4. Dan J says:

    Your stuff is certainly worth paying for! When I am once more employed I’ll use that as an excuse to buy your stories and an iPad to read them on (check out ePub as one of your formats).

  5. Smokey S says:

    Dan J has it right. Put up and we’ll pay up

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