Alternate Ending Contest

So I was talking to a fan the other day online that brought up something interesting. “Collin,” he said. “Why don’t you write some alternative endings to The House of Grey? It could be really fun to see what other endings you had in your head.”

 I thought about that but to be honest, I don’t think I had any other endings in my head. but then I thought, maybe you guys do. So here’s the deal.

 Introducing the Alternate Ending Contest.

 Here’s how it works. You the fans write an alternate ending for The House of Grey. We’re am putting no restrictions on the content except you need to keep it PG-13 (like no dropping the “f”bomb). Chris and I will decide on the top ten and then we will podcast them. Yes, we said podcast them. Who wins? Well we put it to a vote, or poll I should say. Chris will post a poll after all ten endings have been dropped. The top three will win. What will you win?  Third Prize is a $20 gift card to the iTunes Music Store. Second Prize is a $40 Gift Card to the iTunes Music Store and a T-shirt from us here at The House of Grey. Drum roll please, first prize, is a $50 gift card to the iTunes Music Store, a T-shirt, and get this, you will be written as a character in Collin Earl’s next project (The Secret Ninja one) plus you’ll receive a free audiobook every time Collin comes out with a new project. That’s right for every single project, Collin will give you a free audiobook for the rest of his career.  Now if that’s not awesome we don’t know what is.

 Here’s how to enter.

 Go to

Sign up (if you haven’t already)

Go to the Thread labeled Alternate Ending Contest

Answer the following questions.

Name (you don’t have to give your whole name)

Where you are from

Why you love The House of Grey

The name of your story

 Load the document on to the forum (Chris will put directions in the first post) and then your done. No really you’re done. We’ll give you until the end of May to get your story written and uploaded. After that, tell your friends, family, neighbors, CPA, divorce attorney, fish monger, and milk man to go vote for your ending.  Good luck and have fun!!

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