Another update on the last episode

Just got off the phone with Collin. Despite his recent diagnosis of strep throat (hence why I was on the phone and not talking to him in person…it would be really bad if the voice talent lost his voice), he reports that he is about 75-80% done with the last chapter. Doing the math on his page count, that’s at least an hour plus of content…maybe more.  As things get closer to release check back here to get the final date and time.

We also want to do a Q&A after the book is done. If you didn’t know before now, the Forum has a board where we’ve been collecting some great questions about Collin, the book, future projects, and a ton of other stuff. Feel free to go add to anything you see there or come up with some new stuff. If we don’t pick it up in the Q&A, we promise to post a huge answer section on that board.

Anyway, that’s the 411 on the last episode. As always, catch Collin and I on facebook  and twitter for the latest updates.

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